About Us

Vikwood was founded in 1973 by Robert Larson, a pioneer in sourcing exotic woods for the guitar industry. Robert enjoyed the challenge of locating the best exotic species available, and traveled extensively in his quest. He was equally savvy at developing successful partnerships with reputable processing mills. Robert's tenacious approach ensured that Vikwood would become known as THE source for exotic woods of the highest quality, processed to the exacting standards required by its customers. Throughout its history, Vikwood has served every major guitar manufacturing company in the United States and thousands of independent luthiers around the world.

Today, Ric Larson is carrying the Vikwood tradition into the 21st Century. Ric grew up in the wood industry, and held key management positions at Larson Plywood of Sheboygan. He's thrilled to further the company's goals and be involved in Vikwood's fascinating segment of the wood business. Ric's profound appreciation for the beauty of wood and his concern for the success of today's luthier support him daily in furthering the business so carefully nurtured by his uncle, Robert.

At Vikwood, the wood is beautiful, and the future is bright.